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Circular No. 20/2022/TT-BGDĐT promulgating the Regulation on the organization and operation of the Center for Inclusive Education Development Support Center

  • Perform: Le Hoa (Translator: Linh Chi)
  • 12/01/2023

Circular No. 20/2022/TT-BGDĐT issued by the Ministry of Education and Training on December 28, 2022, the Circular includes several main contents as follows:

*About the legal position and types of the Center for Inclusive Education Development (hereinafter referred to as the Center):

- The centre is an educational institution belonging to the national education system. The Center has its legal status, its seal and account, managed by the Department of Education and Training.

- Centers are organized into two types: public and private:

+ Public centres invested by the State, ensuring operating conditions and representing the owners;

+ Private centres are invested by domestic investors or foreign investors and ensure operating conditions.

* The Center has the following main tasks:

- Assessing, determining the ability and classifying educational needs of children with signs of disability or signs of functional decline, students with disabilities for early educational intervention or counselling on selection of educational methods. appropriate for each subject.

- Support inclusive education for students with disabilities.

- Organize teaching and education at preschool and general education levels for students with disabilities so that students with disabilities can participate in inclusive education or integrate into the community.

- Training and counselling for persons with disabilities and organizations, units and individuals with needs in psychology, health, education and career guidance;..

* The organizational structure of the Center includes director, deputy director; functional/specialist departments (or specialized groups, administrative groups/offices); class (if any); Party organizations and mass organizations (if any); emulation and commendation council, disciplinary council, advisory council (if any).

* About the main activities of the Center divided by task groups:

- For activities of early detection, classification of educational needs and early educational intervention, the Center organizes early detection through assessment and classification of educational needs, from which to advise or propose an early education intervention plan for children with signs of disability or signs of functional decline, students with disabilities.

- For activities to support inclusive education, the Center conducts the following:

   + Support the development of individual education plans for students with disabilities;

   + Support students with disabilities to integrate learning and practice specific skills and life skills following their abilities and needs;

   + Counseling and supporting teachers in care and education activities for students with disabilities;

   + Participate in mobilizing students with disabilities to go to school; Support and advise educational institutions, families and communities on knowledge and skills to care for and educate students with disabilities; etc.

Students are organized by class. Each class has no more than 12 students. Students studying at the Center are coordinated by teachers with parents/guardians to develop an individual education plan according to the school year.

  * Regarding standards for teachers and Center staff:

- Teachers of the Center must have a bachelor's degree or higher in Special Education or meet the standards for training preschool and general teachers together with a pedagogical certificate in inclusive education or a professional certificate. special education services according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Standards of professional titles and standard qualifications of staff: library, equipment; Information Technology; accountant; treasurer; document; medican; supporting the education of people with disabilities; Education services shall be applied according to the respective current regulations of the regulations for such employees of public general education institutions.

* Regarding educational facilities and equipment:

- The centre has facilities to meet the requirements of teaching and learning according to regulations, suitable for students with disabilities; has classrooms that teach specific skills; There is a boarding area suitable for students with disabilities if the Center has boarding students.

Construction works serving students with learning disabilities must meet technical standards and regulations as prescribed by the Ordinance on Construction. Absolutely do not put into use the facilities that have expired, are not safe when they have not been renovated or repaired.

- The centre is invested and equipped with educational equipment, utensils and toys like general education institutions and preschools suitable for students with disabilities as prescribed; 

This Circular takes effect from February 20, 2023. Joint Circular No. 58/2012/TTLT-BGDĐT-BLDTBXH dated December 28, 2012, of the Minister of Education and Training and the Minister of Education and Training, is annulled. The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs shall prescribe the conditions and procedures for the establishment, operation, suspension, reorganization and dissolution of the Center for inclusive education development support.

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