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Decision No.359/ QĐ – BYT 2023 on the issuance of the document “Guidances of early detection – early intervention to disabilities of children”

  • Perform: Phuong Anh (Translator: Quang Minh)
  • 19/03/2023

On 31st January 2023, Minister of Health had promulgated with the Decision No.359/ QĐ – BYT document on “Guidances of early detection – early intervention to disabilities of children”, which is used for managers of the Community-based rehabilitation program (PHCNDVCĐ), health workers from central to community level, parents, relatives and families with children suspected of developmental disorders or impairments; teachers, PHCNDVCĐ’s collaborators, caregivers to refer to the document to support early detection, early intervention for children with impairments. There are some main points as follows:

Document 1: Guidelines for organizations implement Early detection – Early intervention

1. Category of early detection – early prevention

  • The category of early disabilities detection is all children age to 6 at community (both non-disabled and previously diagnosed disabled).
  • The category of early disabilities detection is all children age to 6 whose were diagnosed as having disabilities in a variety of stages, and suffered different forms of impairments.

2.Stages of early detection – early prevention

  • Early recognization is the witnessing of early signs that suggest the developmen of children with risk capabilities of physical, sense, mental and behavior.
  • Early detection is ability to systematically observe a group of abnormal symptoms on development, physical, senses, mental and behavior, using screening tools to detect early abnormals. The action will be conducted by family members, community, medical or educational practitioner. The screening result is not considered as diagnosed, but children need to be examine professionally to deliver the ending diagnoses.
  • Diagnosis is the action of identify impairments or irregular growth of children in physical, senses, mental and behavior practiced by specialists such as Rehabilitation, pediatrics, psychologists, educators and social workers.
  • Training includes a list of activities with the aim to impact on children and environment, create favorable conditions for the growth of children. Such actions are development facilitation, education, medial services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiology and nutrition) .
  • Guiding to parents and families are guidances and advices for young parents and members of the family like help identifying and accepting children, assisting childrens’ behavior. As well as guiding and consulting on developmental stimulation activities and exercise, together with providing necessary information.

3. Guidelines for operating the program Early detection – Early intervention includes: (i) The action of preparing early detection, early intervention for disabled children, (ii) Organize early detection and intervention to disabled children, (iii) Guide on screening and detecting growth disorders and suspicious impairment symptoms, (iv) Sortation examine, impairment differentiation and evaluate the intervention needs.

Document 2: Guidelines on Early detection – intervention some frequent impairments:

Documents state the definitions, causes, guides for Early detection – intervention in some regular expected impairments such as: (i) Quickly detect, intervene to children with motion specialty, (ii) Timely detect – intervene to children with listen – and – hear impairs, (iii) Early detect and intervene children with slow linguistic development; (iv) Quickly detect and intervene visual-disabled children, (v) Early detect and intervene children with neurogical and mental disabilities, (vi) Timely identify and intervene children with intellectual impairments, (vii) Quickly to identify and intervene to other impairments as soon as possible

Besides, the document also provides nurturing guidances, nutrition and rehabilitation equipment, tools compile of: (i) Light caring to disabled children at family or medical centers, (ii) Nutrition system at medical facility or family, (iii) Equipment, tools and study materials in early intervention, (iv) Assistant equipment, tools and objects

Decision No.359/ QĐ – BYT 2023 comes into effect from 31st January 2023

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