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Decision No. 2995/QD-BYT dated June 18, 2021 of the Minister of Health on the issuance of interim guidance for pre-vaccination screening for COVID-19

  • Perform: By: My Hanh, Translator: Hoang Duc
  • 24/06/2021

Accordingly, the Guidance applies to all medical examination and treatment establishments, state and private immunization facilities across the country to detect and classify eligible people to receive COVID-19 vaccine to ensure vaccination safety.

The contents of the Interim Guide have some notable points as follows:

1. On the classification of objects divided into 04 groups, including:

* The group of eligible for vaccination: Persons of vaccination age as recommended in the manufacturer's manual and not hypersensitive to the active ingredient or with any excipient listed in the composition of the vaccine and not in the following categories.

* Groups of subjects should be cautious in vaccination,  including the following 06 (six)  subjects:

(1) Persons with a history of allergies to other allergens;

(2) Persons with underlying or chronic diseases are treated stably;

(3) Persons who have lost their perception or behavioral capacity;

(4) Persons over the age of 65;

(5) Persons with a history of platelets reduction and/or blood clotting disorders;

(6) Persons with chronic diseases have detected abnormal signs of life.

These subjects must be thoroughly screened and should be vaccinated at a hospital or medical facility capable of initial emergency resuscitation.

* Group of subjects who delay vaccination, including the following 05 (five) subjects:

(1) Persons who are suffering from an advanced, uncontrolled acute or chronic disease;

(2) Persons with severe decline in immune response, terminal cancer, decompensated cirrhosis,...;

(3) Persons within the previous 14 days cured with high-dose corticoid therapy or chemotherapy or radiation therapy;

(4) Persons who have covid-19 within 6 months;

(5) Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

* Group of subjects who are contraindicated, including the following 02 (two) subjects:

(1) Has history of an anaphylaxis ,of 2 or above with any allergens.

(2) Any indications as announced by the manufacturer.

2. Regarding the pre-vaccination screening process for COVID-19 vaccine consists of 02 steps as follows:

Step 1: Ask for a medical history of your current health condition; a history of COVID-19 vaccination; a history of allergies; other vaccination history in the past 14 days; a history of COVID-19,...

Step 2: Clinical evaluation detects abnormalities in life signs (temperature measurement, blood pressure, circuit count of all people who come to the injection...) Full observation  (assessing the level of perception by asking questions about the person who came to the injection itself...)

3. Regarding the following conclusions of screening in the direction of:

(1) Immediate vaccination is prescribed for eligible cases.

(2) Delay vaccination for cases where at least one factor must be delayed.

(3) Transfer of injections and monitoring at the hospital for cases of vaccination caution, detected after the examination.

(4) Do not indicate vaccinations to persons who have contraindications to the vaccines.

In addition, this interim guidance also provides for a number of issues related to the person performing the screening; means; record the screening; keep records and Pre-vaccination screening forms for Covid-19.

Decision 2995/QD-BYT takes effect from June 18, 2021.

Decision No. 1624/QD-BYT dated March 18, 2021 of the Minister of Health on the issuance of AstraZeneca's Interim Guidance for Pre-Vaccination Screening for COVID-19 vaccine is annulled from the effective date of Decision 2995/QD-BYT.  

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